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Ray Brown Electric can get your home up to code with top notch smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and surge protectors. Give us a call at (203) 261-2115 for all of your electrical needs!

Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarms are supposed to be located inside every bedroom or sleeping location in a home. Smoke alarms should be hard-wired directly into your home’s electrical system and they must have a backup battery to that they can still function during a power outage. When the battery is running low, the alarm must beep to alert homeowners.

Homes built before these requirements were established often have smoke alarms that are battery powered only. If you want to improve safety conditions or you are planning to lease your home, a licensed electrician at Ray Brown Electric can wire smoke detectors directly into your electrical system.


CO Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors can detect the presence of this dangerous gas in your home and help protect you and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Since carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it can easily become a “silent killer” without detection devices, and even low levels of exposure can make people sick.

In Connecticut, carbon monoxide detectors are required in private homes according to a state statute. If your home was built before these requirements were made and you want to protect your family from carbon monoxide fumes, we can install CO detectors in your home.

Surge Protectors

Contrary to popular belief, not every power strip you can buy at the supermarket automatically has surge protection. Surge protectors are designed to protect your electronic devices from interference and power surges on your line. When selecting the right surge protector for your home, you should consider factors like the number and type of devices that will be plugged in, energy absorption rating, and clamping voltage.

The absorption rating determines how much energy the surge protector can absorb when protecting your devices before it fails. The clamping voltage is the voltage level that will trigger the surge protector to start absorbing energy. Electrical experts at Ray Brown Electric can help you choose a surge protector that is ideal for your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Electrical Safety Inspection, Fairfield CT

At Ray Brown Electric, we consider your safety to be our top priority. We can get your home up to code with top notch smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and surge protectors.

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