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Attic Fan Installation

Not only does a fan keep your attic cooler and more comfortable during summer months, proper ventilation prevents dangerous ice dams from forming on the edges of your roof during winter months. Attic fans can also extend the lifespan of your attic structure and roof.

If excessive heat ad moisture collects in the attic, it takes a toll on your roof over the years. Ventilating your attic protects your roof structure and shingles for years to come. If you are interested in adding a fan to your attic, we can help.


Exhaust Fan Installation & Venting

While many people assume the primary place for an exhaust fan is the bathroom, they can actually greatly improve the indoor air quality all over your home. Kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages can always benefit from the addition of an exhaust fan.

Instead of allowing the air to become heavy with pollutants that impact allergies, asthma, and illnesses, ventilation systems will help fresh, clean air flow into your home. At Ray Brown Electric, we can handle the installation of new exhaust fans as well as the correct venting they will require to work.

Furnace and Air Handlers

Whether you are looking to install a combustion furnace, an electric furnace, or an air handler, there are many advantages to having a furnace system in your home. Furnaces are energy efficient, and they heat up quickly.

In some homes, having two furnaces is necessary to heat your entire living space thoroughly without overextending your primary furnace. No matter how you are looking to upgrade your heating system, we are willing and able to help.

Electrical Installation, Fairfield CT

Whether you are looking for ways to better ventilate certain areas of your home, or you want an additional heating system such as an air handler or a furnace, we can help you through the installation process from start to finish.

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