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  • Home Protection Plan


  • Benefits of a Ray Brown Electric Home Protection Plan

    When you become a member of our Home Protection Plan, you can enjoy priority service, annual electrical inspections, savings on home safety services, exclusive specials, and boost the value of your home with the personal guarantee of electrical safety.

    • Priority Service As a Home Protection Plan Member, you will become our first priority. Skip straight to the front of the line as soon as you give us a call! An electrician can pay you visit within minutes.
    • Electrical Safety Inspection As soon as you sign up for a Home Protection Plan, we will schedule an electrical safety inspection for your home right away. We follow up each year with annual inspections to ensure we identify any problem areas before they become hazardous to you and your family.
    • Safety Savings Home Protection Plan members receive a 10% discount on all products and services necessary to bring their homes up to minimum safety standards established by the National Fire Protection Association.
    • Exclusive Specials We will keep you in the loop about special offers and exclusive discounts we only give to our Home Protection Plan members!
    • Home Value Booster If you move before it is time to renew your Home Protection Plan Membership, you can choose to move it with you to your new house or transfer it to the new owners of your old home. This can be a helpful selling point that offers potential buyers peace of mind about their electrical safety.

    You can enjoy these benefits of electrical protection and priority service for only $197 per year! Or, you can enroll for just $16.42 per month!